The following literature is available for purchase (Olms Verlag):

Edited by the Asil Club e.V. Hildesheim 2002. 48 pages. With numerous color illustrations.

ISBN: 978-3-487-08444-2

4,50 EUR

A documentation edited by W. Georg Olms on behalf of Asil Club e.V. Hardcover. Hildesheim 2007. 944 pages. Olms Presse.

ISBN: 978-3-487-08474-9

98,00 EUR

A documentation edited by the Asil Club. Fifth, completely revised and enlarged edition. Texts in German, English and Arabic. Hardcover. Hildesheim 2000. 1050 pages. With over 500 illustrations. Olms Presse.

ISBN: 978-3-487-08405-3

98,00 EUR

A documentation edited by the Asil Club. Texts in German and English. Hardcover. Hildesheim 1993. 936 pages. With more than 500 illustrations. Olms Presse.

ISBN: 978-3-487-08349-0

128,00 EUR

A documentation edited by the Asil Club. Texts in German, English and Arabic. Hardcover. Hildesheim 1985. 1008 pages. With 575 illustrations (480 coloured illustrations). Olms Presse.

ISBN: 978-3-487-08266-0

498,00 EUR

Volume 1. 2010. 231 pages. With 13 photographs. Linen.

21,80 EUR

Volume 2. 2012. X/469 pages. With 17 photographs. Linen.

ISBN: 978-3-487-08546-3

24,80 EUR

The Bloodline at the Base of Some of the World's Greatest Pedigrees.

2008. 504 pages. With more than 600 illustrations. Olms Presse.

ISBN: 978-3-487-08541-8

98,00 EUR

Volume 1 - 6. Hawthorne 1989 - 1996. Olms Presse.

1180,00 EUR

Translated from German by K. Schmitt and S. Eicher. Hildesheim 1990. 170 pages. With 42 illustrations. Olms Presse.

ISBN: 978-3-487-08318-6

38,00 EUR

Oakland/Cal. 1955. Second Edition 1992. Reprinted by the Carl Raswan Memorial Trust. XII/148 pages. With many photographs and 2 maps. Hardcover. Olms Presse.

ISBN: 978-3-487-08502-9

29,80 EUR

Bound in: "Carl Reinhard Raswan" by Johannes Erich Flade. Hildesheim 2012. 56 pages. With 7 illustrations. Olms Presse.

ISBN: 978-3-487-08516-6

9,80 EUR

With a Foreword by Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Khaled Bin Hamad Al Thani, Qatar, and an Introduction by Judith Wich-Wenning.

2008. 176 pages. With many coloured photographs. Linen with protective envelope. Olms Presse.

69,00 EUR

Nürnberg 1834. Hildesheim 1993. XVIII/325 pages. With 8 illustrations and 1 frontispiece. Olms Presse.

ISBN: 978-3-487-08261-5

37,80 EUR

New York 1929. Reprint Hildesheim 1977. XXVIII/218 pages. With 49 plates incl. 1 folding plate. Olms Presse.

ISBN: 978-3-487-08142-7

78,00 EUR

Volume 2. Al Moussami LLC, 2011. 215 pages. With 27 paintings and photos. Olms Presse.

ISBN: 978-3-487-08548-7

32,80 EUR

Volume 1. Al Moussami. New York 2004. 200 pages. With 20 colored and 4 b/w pictures. Olms Presse.

ISBN: 978-3-487-08547-0

19,95 EUR

A Documentation of Al Khamsa Arabians and their history. Topeka/Kamsa 1993. 671 pages. Leather. Olms Presse.

78,00 EUR

A Documentation of Al Khamsa Arabians and their History. Dedicated to the Memory of Carol Lyons. Ed. by Al Khamsa Inc. Including a CD-Rom Database with Pedigrees and Offspring-indices. 1. Edition 2008. 400 pages. With 228 photographs and drawings. Leather. Olms Presse. 

ISBN: 978-3-487-08540-1

68,00 EUR

The Cradle of the Arab Race. A Visit to the Court of the Arab Emir, and "Our Persian Campaign". 2 parts in 1 volume.

London 1881. 3. Reprint Hildesheim 2013. 602 pages. With 38 illustrations, 1 folding map and 2 Pedigree's. Print on Demand.

ISBN: 978-3-487-30260-7

58,00 EUR

An Annotated Edition of "My Quest of the Arabian Horse" of Homer Davenport. With annotations by Charles and Jeanne Craver.

Hillview, Ills. 1992. XXII/330 pages. With many photos, drawings and tables. Olms Presse.

ISBN: 978-3-487-08549-4

44,80 EUR

London 1873. Reprint Hildesheim 1987. XI/211 pages and 4 folding plates. Olms Presse.

ISBN: 978-3-487-08283-7

24,80 EUR

A Complete reproduction of the original work by Carl Raswan. Not a single word or photograph has been omitted, altered, or transposed. The only material added is that supplied or approved by the author's wife Esperanza Raswan. Ed. by: The Carl Raswan Memorial Foundation. 7 volumes in 2 volumes.

Quarto, Santa Barbara 1990. XX/987 pages. With 234 plates. Olms Presse.

258,00 EUR