The Asil Club is an international association for the preservation and rearing of the Asil Arabian Horse.

The Asil Club defines its binding breeding objective as follows:

The ASIL ARABIAN is a horse whose pedigree is exclusively based on Bedouin breeding of the Arabian peninsula, without any crossbreeding with non-Arabian horses at any time. The word "asil" (Arabic, pronounced: asseel) means pure, true, noble and genuine.

The ASIL ARABIAN horse should have the riding qualities and the characteristics of type which distinguish the desert Arabian.

The ASIL CLUB particularly promotes the ancient breeding traditions of the Bedouins, and in guards the asil blood lines as to foster and preserve with utmost care the outstanding qualities of the Arabian horse. The ASIL CLUB strives to maintain or establish friendly relations with Arab countries as well as with their diplomatic representatives and the League of Arab Nations.

The members’ assembly decides on the admission of new members to the Asil Club.

Horses owned by members of the Asil Club may be recognized as Asil Arabians and entered into the stock list of the Asil Arabian Documentation under the following conditions:

  • Their parents must be registered in the stock list of the Asil Club.
  • All other horses must be registered in a stud book recognized by the World Arabian Horse Organisation (WAHO) or be worthy of such registration, trace back directly to the Arabia Deserta or correspond in every line of their pedigrees with the breeding program of the EA0 or of private studs controlled by this organization (With the exception of the descendants of the horses Registan (Skowronek/Riz), Sharkasi and Ibn Galabawi.), display the distinct type of conformation and the riding qualities of the desertbred Arabian.

The Asil Club welcomes all individuals who identify with the goals of the Club as formulated in this definition, and who are prepared to realize them through co-operative effort.

The Asil Club was founded in 1974 and entered into the Vereinsregister (Official Register of Associations) at Amtsgericht (District Court) Hildesheim on 8th June 1990 under registration no. 1636