Foto Heiner Buschfort 1080x675 2019kubat

Asil Club annual general meeting 2019, Kauber Platte, f.r.t.l.: Georg Thierer, W. Georg Olms, Sarah Gerke, Heiner Buschfort, Martin Buschfort. Photo M. Kubat

Our highly cherished Heiner Buschfort – the great breeder of Asil Arabian horses, the always friendly and open-minded colleague – has left us; and in the most discreet manner that distinguished him with his always considerate nature.

Even in the early days, Heiner Buschfort showed great care in laying the foundations for the magnificent Kauber Platte breeding programme, which has been run in an exemplary and successful manner right up to the present day – also thanks to the dedicated efforts of his son Martin as well as equine management experts Reinhild Moritz and Anton Baumann, who have been shaping and maintaining the high reputation of Kauber Platte Stud together with the Buschforts for decades.

With Heiner Buschfort, the Asil Club e.V. has lost a personality who, together with eleven other breeders, founded the Asil Club fifty years ago, which he has always accompanied with his dedication and commitment. The Asil Club e.V., with members from 40 countries today, has lost one of its most prominent breeders, but his life's work will live on, and we know that it is in the very best hands of the family and the great staff.

We would like to thank our long-standing member, Professor Dr. Karin Thieme, for her knowledgeable report on our friend and breeder Heiner Buschfort.

We wish his family and the stud's community strength and all the best for this sad and difficult time.