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Inge and Hansjürgen Friedmann with Al Lahab and Frank Spönle. Photo: E. Escher


It was almost 20 years ago that the Friedmann family discovered their passion for Arabian horses. But before they became successful breeders of asil Egyptian Arabians, Inge Friedmann and her daughter Esther Friedmann traveled through Europe, visiting stud farms and Arabian shows to learn how to judge Arabian horses, to train their eye for type, beauty and aesthetics and to compare their personal breeding approach with the current show standards.

In a globalized age in which clear evaluation patterns seem to be dissolving, they quickly realized that the beauty of the horses, floating movements and Arabian nobility are subject to a variety of standardization pressures. But step by step, they refined their ideas and defined their goals.

Is it possible to create your own concept for developing, optimizing and maintaining the beauty, type and nobility of horses, implement it through your own breeding strategy and consolidate it genetically, thereby achieving lasting success and fulfilling your dream?

Yes it is possible, as the Friedmanns proved when they selected their first group of foundation mares and bought a colt to match, Al Lahab (Laheeb - The Vision HG), bred by Urie Arieli, Ariela Arabians, who later became the talk of the world and still is today. Already as a yearling he was Junior Champion at the ASIL WORLD CUP 2000 and won the title of Reserve Champion at one of the most prestigious shows in Europe, the ALL NATIONS CUP in Aachen.

In 2006 and 2009, Al Lahab won the most important title of the Arabian show scene, the title of World Champion Arabian Horse in Paris, as an asil Egyptian. Nevertheless, he was and always remained a family member for Hanjürgen Friedmann and his family and was not for sale, no matter how high the offer. Every morning Hansjürgen Friedman's path led him to the two-time World Champion's stall, whose purchase, breeding and successes not only confirmed Hansjürgen Friedmann's vision as a breeder, but also set an example for asil Egyptian breeding.

Hansjürgen Friedmann was a member of the Asil Club for many years. We wish his family much strength for the difficult times ahead. Another dedicated and visionary breeder of Asil Arabian horses has gone forever.