888 pp, 500 photos and mostly unpublished historic illustrations. Hardcover.
With dust jacket. Texts in English, Arabic, German.

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For more than 40 years, the documentaries “Asil Arabians, The Noble Arabian Horses”, volumes I to VII have been illustrating the developments in the breeding and preservation of the authentic Asil Arabian Horse, the desert Arabian created by the Bedouins. This noble breed captivates by its beauty, its performance capacity, and its hereditary power.
It is the origin of all current Arabian bloodlines, the founder of several, and improver for almost all thoroughbred, warm blooded and even pony and draught horse breeds.
This volume documents breeding progress and type variations, gives information about the breeding areas as well as the characteristics of these horses and the natural and social environment that helped create this noble breed. The book also tells about amazing experiences with the Asil Arabian horses as told by their owners.
A multitude of reproductions of yet unpublished paintings and lithographs of famous artists depicting the Arabian horse, adorns this impressive edition.

Contents and samples: English          Arabic

What experts say:

“The Asil Arabian’s heritage has been meticulously sustained ... by the people of Arabia since time immemorial. Today this “pure, genuine and noble” breed continues to thrive through the work of the Asil Club and the support ... of breeders and friends throughout the world. ... I also extend my sincerest appreciation and best wishes to the Asil Club for your continued success.”

Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud,
President & Chairman of the Board, Saudi Commission for Tourism & Antiqities (SCTA), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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“The publication ASIL ARABIANS is a precious documentation of this outstanding breed of horses and provides a rare insight into all aspects of the Asil Arabian as an important part of the Arabian cultural heritage.”

Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Former President of the U.A.E.

“The Asil Arabian is unique. ... ASIL ARABIANS VII brings forward another important volume of scholarship and documentation about these unique horses. Those interested ... will find much to expand their knowledge. Breeders ... will find a rich trove of information as well, supplemented by contemporary exemplars of the Asil Arabian from around the world.”

Anita Enander, Founder & Director, Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse; CEO (retired), Arabian Horse World

“Each ASIL ARABIANS-Documentation is eagerly anticipated by those interested in the Arabian horse. These invaluable and collectible books are a must in any horseman's library. While the internet and various social media provide valued up-to-date information on happenings in the Arabian horse community, there is no substitute for serious literary and historical works. The articles and illustrations as well as the photographs of modern Arabian horses in these books are remarkable resources for the present and future.”

Judy Forbis, Ansata Arabian Stud & Ansata Publications