An obituary on the death of our Vice Chairman since the foundation of the Asil Club

Dipl.-Ing. Georg Thierer born 29.12.31 - died 26.10.2021

A fine man has passed away ...

On many joint journeys, hours of flying, car journeys and telephone calls we had cultivated a long-standing friendly connection. Thus, Georg was always a great asset to me when we were able to talk about topics that many other horse people I know were not familiar with. Once detached from his favourite topics, Georg had so much knowledge, with the uniqueness of being able to jump immediately between many different subject areas, even in profound complexities, thereby being able to establish connections that were not immediately apparent at first glance. Some may have found this a lengthy narration in parts – but only if it remained on the surface or a monologue!

For me personally, the linking of the topics of the Arabian horse with all facets of horsemanship, from classical horsemanship through the epochs, cavalry and endurance riding to tent pegging or horseback hunting, gave me a good start. The subject matter was not far from asil breeding and also homeopathy – both of which he always considered completely without end in itself. For the most part, he may have worked this out for himself only after the early death of his even more unboastful and equally active and successful wife Ute. Things that may have fallen by the wayside in the maelstrom of his successful business life were meticulously worked out later. After all, he was a scientifically minded physicist and engineer through and through. Georg was a personality who would never have been satisfied with only a superficial consideration of facts, a quality that brought him professional success in mechanical engineering as well. Not to forget his technical and constructive talent and the contacts that have served us all since the early days of the Asil Club right up to the present day, and in the organisation of the Asil Cups, where his whole family was involved.

His other noteworthy fields of knowledge and passions were – besides classical music, museums, world history and the poets, philosophers and anthroposophists of his time – automobiles, Arab culture, photography, astrophysics and of course books in general.

His love of books and his simultaneous technical pragmatism made him an unbeatable team for the Asil Club, in perfect symbiosis with our Chairman, Dr. Walter Georg Olms.

We miss you. Thank you, dear Georg, for the good times.

"And all this because of the wonderful horses."

In heartfelt sadness,

Silvia Jeanette Naumann – im November 2021