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Annual Genereal Meeting 2018

On 8 September, our members gathered for the annual general meeting at Schloss Bückeburg. This was a very special occasion. All participants were absolutely delighted. After all, Schloss Bückeburg with its magnificent park is one of the most beautiful castles in Germany. The Asil Club itself hosted the meeting, and thanks to the special agreement with the director of the court chamber, we were allowed to use several of the ceremonial halls for the various parts of the program. Everyone agreed that this is the ideal location for the next ASIL CUP, planned for 2020, not the least because it also has plenty of space for the show event.

Here the report on the order of events:

At 1:30 p.m., we met for a reception outside the riding arena, after which we admired the performance of the Fürstliche Hofreitschule. Mrs Christine Krischke gave a detailed commentary during the display of the various breeds, among other things on the history of classic equitation.

Afterwards, coffee and cakes were served in the Golden Hall, and at 4 p.m., the chairman officially opened the annual general meeting. Among the guests, he especially welcomed the representative of the embassy of the United Arab Emirates, Mr. Abdulla Al Hameli, Head of Public Diplomacy and Culture for Higher Education, former Minister Walter Hirche, and Barbara Schumacher, the author of the new book on Saudi Arabia (see the list of books for sale).

Impressionen JHV 2018/AGM 2018-3

We remembered those of our fellow-members who have died: our former board member, Hansi Heck-Melnyk (USA), the breeder Dr. Nasr Marei, Albadeia Stud Farm (Egypt), and the notable breeder of asil Davenport Arabians, Charles Craver (USA).

The Chairman then drew attention to important upcoming events (anyone wishing for an invitation, please apply to the Asil Club office):

From 1 – 17 February 2019 the WAHO Conference in Australia

From 9 -17 March 2019 the Equitana at Essen, still the largest equestrian trade fair worldwide. We ask again if anyone would like to take part with their horses, or help with the Asil Club booth.

The trip we are planning for Asil Club members will be to the United Arab Emirates.
We are considering the last week of October or the first week of November 2019.

The Sheikha Lulua Asil Club Marbach Endurance Ride at Marbach State Stud was held on
2 June this year. The asil horses that were successful there were specially mentioned and are listed below:

  • · Over 84 km, the asil Marbach-bred mare Nuriye with Melanie Mannherz placed 2nd and won the Best Condition prize.
  • · Over 42 km, Nedschd Mabrouk M and Serenity Shaham finished successfully, and Mara Schwarz with Hamasa Mansour was the only rider to achieve Performance Class I over 33 km.
  • · Junior rider Theresa König masterfully won the children’s endurance ride aboard the stallion Serenity Shaham, owned by our board member Silvia Naumann.

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage for Asil Arabians:
Following talks at the Lower Saxonian Ministry for Science and Culture, the recognition of the Asil Arabian as a Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage has been applied for. In this we have the support of our new member, former minister Walter Hirche, from 2002 to 2014 president of the German UNESCO Commission.

Treasurer’s report, presented by Mrs Silvia Naumann: The auditor Heike Bihler was un­able to attend, but had handed in a written report, which was read by Thomas Otto. The result of the audit was that everything was complete and accountable and there were no complaints, and the
assembly was asked to approve the actions of the board including the trea­surer. The vote resulted in the unanimous approval of the board.

Proposal for change of the statutes
submitted by Karsten Scherling

The assembly was asked to vote with a 2/3 majority for a change of the statutes § 2-3 on the definition of the Asil Arabian horse. Old wording of the definition: “The term Asil Arabian applies to a horse whose pedigree traces exclusively to Bedouin breeding with no admixture of non-Arabian blood at any time.”

Proposal for new wording:

“The term Asil Arabian applies to a horse which is registered in a studbook accepted by the World Arabian Horse Organization (WAHO) and whose pedigree traces exclusively to Bedouin breeding with no admixture of non-asil blood at any time.”

→ Argumentation: This change is purely formal. Our definition of the Asil Arabian horse has always been formulated in this sense (for example, in the documentation Asil Arabians) and understood as such. However, it has not until now been formulated in our statutes. Since the statutes form the relevant basic document of a club, this alteration is necessary.

→ Our member Sabine Schütte argued that in her opinion, the original definition is sufficient. The subject was discussed by the assembly.
The counter-proposal was put to the vote with the following wording and addition to the definition:

“The term Asil Arabian applies to a horse whose pedigree traces exclusively to Bedouin breeding with no admixture of non-Arabian blood at any time. To be accepted by the Asil Club, the horse must be registered in a stud book recognized by the WAHO.“

It was unanimously accepted with 29 votes by the eligible voters and will in future be added to the definition of the Asil Arabian in our statutes.

The chairman then read out the applications of the new members. As there were no objections, all named members are now heartily welcomed (see enclosure).

Festive Presentation in Honour of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan

A special highlight was provided by the embassy of the UAE. Mr. Abdulla Al Hameli, Head of Public Diplomacy and Culture for Higher Education, welcomed the assembly and, on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, announced the performance of two speakers and two musicians who, under the heading of „Words of a Bedouin,“ presented famous quotes that had been formulated by Sheikh Zayed in his day. The quotes in German and Arabic were accompanied by Arabic music on the Cello and the Oud, an Arabic lute. This was a particularly worthy and honouring performance, for which the chairman sincerely thanked the ladies and gentleman of the embassy, accompanied by the applause of the entire assembly.

The evening was topped off with a festive dinner in the magnificent Celebration Hall of the castle. With delicacies from the buffet provided by the “Old Castle Kitchen”, the members had the opportunity to socialize and exchange experiences, accompanied by Arabic music provided once more by the two musicians from Berlin.

Fürstliche Hofreitschule Bückeburg/Presentation Princely Court Riding School