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An obituary on the death of our Vice Chairman since the foundation of the Asil Club

Dipl.-Ing. Georg Thierer born 29.12.31 - died 26.10.2021

A fine man has passed away ...

We mourn the loss of a faithful comrade-in-arms and a good friend!

On October 26th, our long-term vice chairman, Georg Thierer, passed away.

Wolfgang Eberhardt, Präsident des VZAP and honorary member of the Asil Club, passed away at age 71.

Again we have to mourn for a faithful member and a passionate breeder of Asil-Egyptian horses. Dr. Ferdinand Denzinger died surprisingly already at the end of January. He was only 65 years old.

Always an Eye for Quality

A loyal member of our Asil Club has passed away! For more than 46 years Willi Poth and his wife Ursula bred Arabian horses, their daughter Susanne followed in her footsteps. Famous Asil Arabians such as Ibn Galal, Alidaar, Mohssen, AK Nawaal, Monisa Halima are inextricably linked with Willi Poth. Thanks to his visions, he found excellent Asil-Egyptian horses that influenced breeding in Europe. On April 12, four months after his 80th birthday, Willi Poth died.

On January 14, 2018, Hanna Louise (Hansi) Heck-Melnyk, our esteemed member of the Board, sadly passed away at her home, her beloved Serenity Arabian Farm, in Hawthorne, Florida. Her passing leaves a void that cannot be filled.